I know i’m horrible, but I’m actually going to do the spam tomorrow! Sorry! Thank you for waiting though, ily guys! x

inactive again, sorry!

If any of you still keep up with this account (ily if u do), you’ve probably realized how inactive I am. I’m gonna try to change that and try to “reboot” this account again! I’ll try to do a little spam right now and see how that works out then i’ll TRY to post maybe once a day or a couple a week…? Thank you guys so much for your patience! x


Anonymous asked:
Can you make this into a directioner post? Talking about the boys and listening to their music so much that you turn all your friends into Directioners :)


Anonymous asked:
You never posted a number 18 is there actually one or did u make it the wrong number..?

oh wow i didn’t notice that! thank you for pointing that out!

Sorry I don’t post on here, I didn’t realize people went on this blog that much! I promise to make more but please submit some of your own ideas and I promise I’ll give credit!

bigbrown-eyes asked:
Omg I love your blog! Pleasee follow me :) it would mean alot

thanks so much! and followed :) xx

Feel free to submit ideas I will always give credit! (: xx

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